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Angela, You told me I was going to write a book 2 years ago. I told you your full of it. On July 4th weekend a strange woman was on my dock watching fireworks. I went out to find out what she was doing there and started telling her Cop stories..I was shocked when she told me: "If you write them down, I'll publish them..I'm a book publisher." I will never doubt you. YOu are the best psychic medium I've worked with in 35 years.. Sheriff D.Ros 7/19

HI! I saw you at the Holiday Inn this past Sunday. YOur reading mentioned Military and Music,although not together. So, when I got home I remembered that my older brother was in the Air force and also in Vietnam at one point. As for the music, his son Mike , is a part time musician who plays the guitar. He is also married to Niki, who hadstill birth after 8 th month. It turns out that you're AMAZING! KATHY 6/26/19


I don't know if you remember us, my brother and I came to visit you 8 years ago. We wanted to know what happened to our father in 1961. YOu told us he was killed by Richard and burried in the basement. Well on Oct 2018, my nephews dug up the basement and we found our dad , like you said with his head bashed in an the weapon was by his side. The newspaper and web covered the story as: The Bones of the Lake Grove House" We can;t thank you enough for the piece of mind. Netflix is in negoitation with us for this story.

Thanks again Jean and Mike 2/21/19


I just had to let you know that you where correct. During my reading at the Elks club, my mom came through and told me to get my dad to the doctor..He is being stubborn. Within an hour of my reading , we had to rush my dad to hospital with bleeding stomach ulsers. He had lost a lot of blood over the past few days, he didn't tell us he was in pain. WE almost lost him. If not for you telling me to get him to the doctor..ASAP...Thank you agin for your insights.TJ 10/18


Backing up to Nov. 2014, our friend Angela Heil,(an amazing psychic) accurately predicted in Jim's reading something important was going to happen on May 5th! Little did we know that we would be purchasing our new home! Betsy Cassara 5615

Hi Angela! Happy Sunday! I just wanted to thank you for your phone reading again. It led me to Reiki and I have to say that I felt like In was supposed to be there. It felt natural. I saw a feather the night before, a feather at the class and a blue jay and red Cardinal watched the whole time. I left that Reiki class renewed and feeling closer to my life's purpose. Thank you for providing me with clarity and guidance from the Angels during your reading.  
Lisa G. 1/11/15


Rev. Angela; What an amazing gift today was. I literally felt the weight lifted off my shoulders and my peace settle in after your phone reading. I felt the universe speaking to me and I was afraid to listen.
Thank you for giving me the confirmation and courage to listen and trust in myself.
Today begins the first day of my new journey. I can't thank you enough!
Lisa German 122114 

 Rev. Angela, I am so sorry I never got to say hello at Girls Night Out-for Women with Cancer.  I think both of us were very, very busy.  But I just wanted to thank you again for donating your time and talent.  I think we made lots and lots of money  so from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.   Take good care..11/14/14 Gurneys Inn- Montauk

Susan Barry Roden
Community Outreach Coordinator
Southampton Hospital

Rev Angie,

Thank you so much!  You were amazing on Saturday.  Everyone had a wonderful time & you were such a pleasure to work with.  We were discussing & sharing stories of our experience with you through yesterday! I will certainly post a testimonial! 

Also, as I may have mentioned at the end of the evening, a few of my friends expressed interest in working with you, again.  We were thinking of having a girls' night, most likely at my house with about 8-12 of the ladies from Saturday night (#s varying upon the night & schedules) - would that be something that we could do with you?  If so, what sort of availability might you have for a Friday or Saturday? 
Thank you, again. 

Erika Conti 102614

Rev. Angela;
Thanks for your time. I always feel  renewed after our calls.  Hope Benson

  Hi Angela !

Thank you again for yesterday ! :)
Have a great week.
( You're right- I had a dream or message about children jewelry. know what to do )1/24/12


Angela: Thank you :-) !!
By the way... You were absolutely 200% right with what you told me last time via phone reading!!!! Oulala!!!
:-) 122611 France

Lecigne, Laetitia




  • Hi Angela, Thank you again for your insight last August at the Manor House. I have been really struggling to make sense out of the recent changes in my life. You really helped me. And I LOVE your profile picture! 121511

       Madeline Tracy Stewart



Angela; Thank you so much. The girls, as well as the adults really enjoyed you and were touched by your words! I have to admit I had some interesting dreams last night. Hope you enjoyed the food. I have a feeling I'll be seeing you soon.  Barbara Wilson 111911 Boa Thai Rest. Nyack- B.D.Party



Thank you for a very informative reading and I hope Grandma Emmy stopped scratching your back. 


Kimberly Becvar-Valdemira

111911 Shirley NY


Hi Angela,

Thank you so much for the services you provided at the Girl's Night Out event last week!  Hopefully you will be available gain next year!
The 501c3 letter was already mailed out to you, so hopefully you received it.
Also, I am interested in having a psychic party at my home in Hampton Bays. Please let me know what Friday nights you have available in Nov. & Dec.
Thank you so much!

Colleen 10/19/11 Coalition for Womens' Cancers


Angela - everyone loved you at the event and I am sure you will get returning clients..

thanks so much for your donation and for your kind words - I will def be in touch.. xoxox God Bless! Melissa Bardaro Cebrian 100111


Hi Angela,

My brother was really happy about the session. I was , as always, really happy,too..
Talk to you soon.
Laetitia 9/2/11




Hi Angela, Thank you so much for the messages you gave to me on Tuesday at the Manor House. (I was the person with blonde hair and blue eyes, I think your first reading there.)  Very uplifting for my spirit. I hope you have a great day. 

Madeline Teresa Stewart (Tracy)82311 


 Dear Angela...

Please excuse my Husband, Tony in his last response to you...he is a devout Christian & feels the need to challenge all who don't see things exactly as he does. I think he is also a "young" least younger than you or I and is still learning that there are "more things between Heaven & Earth that are un- explainable ". He's learning too... As per your reading for Tony...My Mother has just passed. When I heard the tape of the reading..I was in dis-belief. At that very same time things started happening ! She became suddenly very ill..Was admitted to the hospital with severe Pneumonia...they did a full body scan & found a lesion on her lung...several in her brain...she died in hospice 22 days later! Leaving behind her mother who is 98 ...and all of us heartbroken...esp. me ! I don’t know why I am writing this?! Except I meant to write to you after Tony’s last response. I thought him rude. But, then life began to move VERY fast & here we are!My mother was an exceptional woman. She was 80 yrs. old woman who moved & acted more like a 60 yrs. old!! Everyone, even her Dr.s is left in complete shock @ her passing.I want to Thank you for the "heads- up" a way it helped me to better accept the inevitable.Sincerely,Toni 8/8/11 ==============================================


Hi Angela.
I have had a couple of phone readings from you, and you are terrific! I would like another one soon. Please let me know when you are available.
Thank you,
Beth 10710


8/12/09: Rev. Angela- I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful phone reading yesterday. It worked out exactly as you said-the accident you saw happened as we were speaking to the little one. You have a great gift. When I need you again I will call you..Have a wonderful life. Joanne C.


5/19/09: It was great meeting you. The nite was wonderful and I look forward to getting together again soon. Please feel free to fire off an e-mail from time to time, till we meet again.

Stay Well,
BIG lou, MSP, KP

Main Street Pub After Dark Psychic NIght


3/28/09: Hi Angela,


I just wanted to say thank you for making my sister's bachelorette party a hit!  Everyone was amazed at what you had to say, and I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know that may be looking for a psychic.  :)
Take care,

Marie C.- LI, NY



1/5/09: Thank you so much…I think you’re pretty amazing. Now I have the huge job of making decisions…and I’ve always made the wrong…

Thank you once more, and we’ll talk again sometime.
Warm regards,

Phil M.- PA



This reading was amazing.  I am so glad I called you. Thank you so much.Thank you again

Tricia C. -  L.I.







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